Coon d'État (Single)

by Jus MaRx.

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The first promotional single for my upcoming project, Marxism: INTRA.
Produced by my ace boon, Cosby wat'up.

This politically-charged single is directly influenced by the increased awareness of police brutality, paticularly related to the cases of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. As a resident of Sanford, FL (where the latter was tragically murdered), I felt the need to speak on something that's been weighing heavy on my heart for some time now.

As Tupac Shakur once stated, "I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world." NOW IS THE TIME!


[Excerpt from “Today”]
now is not the time to complacent,
crooked crackers in office publicly practice
urban euthanization

we gon burn it all down,
build it from the ground up,
fists to the sky in the name of (Black Power)
the time is now (Black Power)
be proud (Black Power)
say it loud (Black Power)
this is Black Power
keep on marchin’ ‘til the whole map’s ours

it’s a Coon d’Etat as we know it, so it seems
seeing as it’s only we that fall
to the so-called Illumanati’s oldest schemes
the irony in “woe is we” is knowing the man
invades our radio waves with death poetry jams
it’s a nationwide genocide, let them tell it,
they’ll convince the world the war is victimless
pretend as if it never happened,
contempt becomes indifference, so I present you this,
something seldom witnessed in rap-- this
is my call to action

burn it down, build it from the ground up
fists to the sky in the name of Black Power
it’s -- one love, be proud, speak louder
and keep on marchin’ ‘til the whole map’s ours

why is always the question,
love is never the answer,
‘cause what seem like a blessing
could be kin to a cancer
not all that glitters is gold,
not all we believe is known,
not all that loves is honest,
the truth may never be [censored]
deconstruction’s how we function here in Generation Why
perfectly content with being patronized and pacified
distracted by a backward way of life filled with blatant lies
legally blind ‘cause our realities are bastardized
no caveats, our only warning is shots
final destination? either bullet holes or the box
so ‘til the day them crocks at Fox get to closing up shop
g-get ‘em high, to unite’s only hope that we got, uh

burn it down, build it from the ground up
fists to the sky in the name of Black Power
it’s -- one love, be proud, speak louder, nah--
fuck that, taking back everything that’s ours

why is always the question
the truth may never be told
it’s crystal clear: they are there, we are here
we just want a voice, yet for that, we are queer
but we are humans too, we are black, we are feared
so a change is resolute, revolution, we are near
(say it louder)
we are HERE and as Black as Black can be
Black is power, Black is struggle
Black is beauty, Black is me… and I’m proud
my word is bond but only half as loud as actions speak
so fuck the preaching, gon’ and grab your piece
(flood these streets like)
inner city police that seek to cease lives of the “we” kind
self-righteous killers with the most feeble of weak minds
my people don’t need time, my people just need light
and most importantly rights that you’ve so kindly denied,
snatch that flag from Uncle Sam, strip him of his stripes
Uncle Tom can try and take us down, but not without a fight
if I had one wish, I’d trade my wits for might
and with my bare hands, choke him with a grip so tight
it provides some retribution for fallen innocents
everything you read that you makes you sick,
we actually livin’ it
belittlement of pigmentation makes us insignificant
check the statistics, we fall by tens of percentages


released March 15, 2015
Samples "Dragon Boy" from the Japanese film, Spirited Away (as composed by Joe Hisaishi).


all rights reserved



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