Room for Cream? EP

by Jus MaRx.

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The debut EP by Gainesville hip hop artist, Jus MaRx. The concept of the EP revolves around Marx's writing process, more often than not fueled by caffeine. A bulk of this EP was written in local coffee shops. It's a departure from Marx's more conscious-heavy lyrics, but is undoubtedly just as focused.

Listen for yourself, and be sure to download if you're feeling it!


released October 23, 2014

Mixed and mastered by Sean Hunter.
Cover Artwork by Jordan Spencer.
Featuring YBNS and Fleetwood Boss.
Presented by LNEM.

A special thanks to Coffee Culture for allowing us to use their business to grab some awesome photos!


all rights reserved



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Track Name: LNEMtro (prod. Dylan!)
We begin this story… the tale of a young man...
Raised in the city of Bumfuck Nowhere.
That kid is Jus MaRx.

OH! yeah, uhh…
feels good to be home, baby
feels good to be home
Jus MaRx.

yo, yet another late night
sun on the rise as I drift to sleep
lucid as my alarm clock begins to beep
at a timewhere the rooster crows
and paid pros control the tv, uh
take a few to get my mind right
shook by the bright lights shining on my blind side
have a stretch, wipe the coal from my eyes
grab a lighter off the dresser and a bowl to ignite, oh!
inhale smoke until i’m draggin’ res
exhale fire, that’s that dragon breath
I let out one final yawn
then throw on some Wranglers
top is Ralph Lauren
hit shuffle on my iHome
and it starts to play Lupe
then I get a call from my dude, Swain
saying “let’s hit the booth, Jay”
same shit, just a new day, a new day

[Outro - LNEM]
(just a bunch of random shit…)
Track Name: Ode 2 U (prod. Apollo Brown)
[Intro - Scarface Interview]
(I ain’t even talking about The Commodores or like Maze or some shit like that… what ever happened to groups like fucking Mint Condition and shit? Like where that’s at? Like what the fuck happened? Who stole the soul? Who fuckin’ stole the soul, man?! It’s gone!)

[Verse 1]
check it…
I fell in love at the tender age of 8 years old
blastin’ Ms. Jackson on my radio
gave a whole new meaning to what came before
as the tale would go, yo it changed my soul
through with Kidz Bop, Dreamcast placed on hold
from then on, nothing but hip hop
Common Sense, Nas, Quest, Big Pop
Lost Boyz, Bone Thugs, can’t forget Pac
by the time I was entering 5th grade
it was AZlyrics and mixtapes
me and that Discman were practically hip mates
I would sing along ‘til my lips chaffed, then get straight--
on that school bus and start bobbin’
tryna nail the words to Cleanin’ Out My Closet
on the school bus, start bobbin’
tryna nail the words to Cleanin’ Out My Closet

but who would’ve known that my love for the game
would continue to grow through my coming of age?
Hip Hop, it don’t stop (one time)
Hip Hop, ya won’t stop
humbled to say it just wasn’t a phase
‘cause there ain’t nothing as great as being up on the stage
Hip Hop, it don’t stop and it won’t stop, yeah

[Verse 2]
started out with pads and pens in the backs of classrooms
focused on a dream, essays? past due
crammed tight in a black Jansport backpack
full of pen caps, herb crumbs, and scrap raps
never said a word, I was far from a class clown
head down writin’ raps til I passed out
listening to Common Sense
when I was first affixed to Communi-- uhh, wait…
I probably could have been a math wiz
but I was into draftin’ imaginary tracklists
lunch time was crunch time, 101 rhymes
then I’d hit the bathroom stall and get dumb high
back then, I was a problem child
all it took was an iPod to calm me down
to realize my dreams, had to jot them down
wonderin’ when that time would come
that time is now, what?

[Outro - Scarface Interview]
(Who stole the soul, man? That shit is gone, man. Like people are walking around this bitch-- you know, happy-go-fucking lucky like nothing is happening. You don’t see this shit unfolding in front of you?! They knocked your ass out ain’t no m-- it’s R&B now, Rhythm and Blues, it’s not-- it used to be soul… it used to be soul music… music for your SOUL)

[Outro - GLC Interview]
I don’t wanna give them shine or, you know, they might outspit me because they’re-- they’re a little bit younger, they’re a little bit hungrier. But, it wasn’t the case with you. You were real just laid back and chill and you’re like I’m just gonna-- I’m gonna do what I do.

Well, the thing is uhh… I live this shit. Like, you know, Hip Hop. This is what I am. This is life. You know this shit is-- I hop out my bed and there’s a mic in my face and shit. Like my Pro Tools set up right there. And uhh… I do this.
Track Name: Buggin' (prod. Cosby wat'up)
ayo… yo… check it… ayo…

[Verse 1]
I had a couple minor setbacks, now I’m making major moves,
bloody murder on these tracks, run it ‘til I stain my shoes,
not concerned with cashing checks, just tryna pay my dues,
I know my ass is set as long as music remains my muse, but,
day out and day in, I feel my patience is waning,
facing the strains of being locally famous
yet virtually faceless,
caught between swag rappers and backpackers
when fact of the matter is, they babblin’ like infants,
one in the same, all of your tunes are mundane,
I say enough with you suckas, man,
came in the game just to put food on your plate,
know you’ve been sufferin’ for sustenance,
truly amazed you givin’ the radio play,
most of it run by the government,
day after day, steady creating new slaves-- wait,
wait, wait, wait…

[Hook 1]
don’t know the deal?
man,you buggin’, buggin’
you came to kill?
man, you buggin’, buggin’
ain’t from the Ville?
man, you buggin’, buggin’

[Verse 2]
my life’s the page out the story of a teenage burnout (uh, uh),
who tried his best to time and time again get turned down,
that’s why I get turnt up by the time the evening come ‘round,
and pray to Jah whatever high I have don’t come down,
cuz I’ve been down for too long,
caught L’s,
and gave an honest effort just to put the effin’ crew on,
through the fire down to the wire,
‘til I wised up and realized something:
on my dolo, I’ll do no wrong,
now The Kreux gone…

[Verse 3]
these brothas think I’m slackin’ cuz I’m lackin’ a release date,
and yet, my rhymes would terrorize this here police state,
hard drives of archives with terabytes of beat tapes,
pour my heart out,
now watch as Jaycee paints a beautiful disaster,
I never sleep until my peace of mind is mastered,
paper heaps around the wastebin as these ashes--
trash the canvas,
craftin’ draft on top of draft until the task becomes a habit,
I’d rather be gettin’ plastered with the pros and act an ass
but, every second that I’m absent just adds to my entrapment,
and as I write this passage, opportunities are passin’,
you can knock me on my hustle but you can’t deny my passion
my passion, my passion…

[Hook 2]
I ain’t the truth?
man, you buggin’, buggin’
ain’t got the juice?
man, you buggin’, buggin’
I came to lose?
nah, you buggin’, buggin’

[Verse 4]
so it’s…
“F” the world until my dying day,
shining rate unmeasurable, we’re talking years of light away,
block me and I’m running thru ya, Ndamukong Suh ya,
then leave, powder my face,
reemerge as Violent J,
I daily dance with the devil, I reckon I”ll sign with Jay,
likely name my debut tape “Jayzus” in spite of Ye,
so if I die today, pray to be likened to John Lennon,
potential your simple mind couldn’t fathom,
you could only Imagine…

let’s hear ALLLLLLLL that...
Track Name: Fatwa (Jaycee's Revenge) (prod. ATmadethebeat)
Chyeah! Ha!
Let’s go! Ha!

[Verse 1]
now that boy Jaycee ain't nothing to mess with
ain't nothing but bone and flesh man
but you damn right I be flexing
two things I don't like: your kind and questions like,
"when you finna drop?", "who is in ya top?"
dead that, ‘cause a nigga tryna rock right now
let the beat take control of mind
for Pete's sake, I told you, I'm fine
went solo and chose to sky dive
'cause Lord knows your flows are blowing my high
you’re so blind, don't know why I try
your top five got marks in it, ha
catch hold of my eyes, you might find
that the windows into my soul are all tinted, nigga
truth be told, dude as cold as a Winter solstice
I'm sol-less (GAHDAMN!)
yet I'm so lit (GAHDAMN!)
so if it's on to the next one
you can bet Jaycee’s the best one
so you better buckle up ‘cause I come to stunt, man
ain’t here for no test run
now let's ri-i-i-i-ide
check it out, now ri-i-i-i-i-ide
y’all better than who?

[Verse 2]
even at my worst, y'all couldn't best Jay on your best day, ugh
I been at this too long to be coat-tailing some deadweight
not quite in my right mind
be advised I’m a head case
the very second you pressed play, you unleased a BEAST
call a doctor, ‘cause your boy is a monster
when it comes to beats, at least--
when they vis-a-vis my nigga AT
guarantee you’ll see defeat!
showing up Jaycee that’s crazy
like Jay-z with a Jesus peice
I’ma say my peace then collect my cheese
so me and my peeps can feast
instead of playing the same hits as them stations
add Jaycee to your playlist, ahhh
nigga, #NoBarsWasted
Track Name: Up in Smoke x Fleetwood Boss (prod. BTP of The Track Addictz)
[Hook 1]
let’s ride (I’m up in smoke)
let’s ride (I’m up in smoke)
and get high (I’m up in smoke)
and get high (I’m up in smoke)

[Hook 2]
seat back, speakers up
that’s the way we like to bump
that’s the way we like to bump
now let’s ride (I’m up in smoke)
let’s ride (I’m up in smoke)
and get high (I’m up in smoke)
and get high (I’m up in smoke)

[Verse 1]
hotbox on Hot Wheels
burnin’ rubber, blowin’ strong
you high ain’t ya?
don’t worry ‘bout what you smokin’ on
all we focused on is burning trees to the third degree
playlist on Curren$y for our herbal needs
me and the homies
we ride and we swerve
runnin’ these lights, swipin’ these curbs
like the police, our eyes on the perp/purp
tryna ride with us?
you ain’t gettin’ in ‘less you chippin’ in
we ignite blunts ‘til the night’s done
‘bout a twenty twen? forget ya, then!
the night is young
and we tryna get blowed
we got 4 in rotation
and we ‘bout to twist more
homie, grab a dutch
crack it open, trash the guts
stuff it like you can’t pack enough
roll it, spark it, then pass to us
and we’ll be ridin’ round our town
blazing up, windows down
floor shaking from that bass as them Alpines get louder
roll me some of that Michael Jordan
make sure that it’s ground up
we’ll be fine from now ‘til morning
chill, turn that sound up!

[Hook 2]

[Verse 2]
my hat low, my speakers loud and my joint burnin'
my low pros huggin' 22's and them hoes turnin'
this sack I got, no lie, it cost about half ya earning
still getting' money, I'm forgetting lessons you niggaz learnin'
just puffin' on the strong
gotta make sure a nigga head stay tight
I'm chattin' on the phone
gotta make sure a nigga head sucked right
I'm doing the damn-- thang homie
I'm a vet with the Bang-- Bang homie
and I'm reppin' the same, real OG
Triple B, DME, Big Fleet's the name
I just do it
niggaz only talking, I prove it
I do it with a swag that come easy
so little fuck niggaz always think it's nothing to it
but my nigga, this shit hard
something you don't know what to do with
good golly, good lawd
and my niggaz know who say the truest
they know who got influence
so fingers to the head, I salute the team
lighters in the air, I salute the green
and I like to mix so that OG Kush
and that Mango dro gon' ignite together
smoking 'til I can't no more 'cause my lifelong dream
is to smoke 'til I'm high forever...

[Hook 2]
Track Name: Villens x YBNS (prod. Cosby wat'up)
[Hook 1]
we ridin’ round on that real
that’s how we do it out in the ville
it’s like gettin’ high is our mission
we still fly and we still lit

[Verse 1]
who you know do it better
than them fellas out here in The Ville?
spread love, watch as the empire build
big appetite, will Kill for the Bills
chiefin’ on Gainesville Green
runnin’ from the GPD, on real
one time, peel off burn rubber ‘til
ain’t nothing but steel on the wheel
smoke a dub, kilt the bub
ripped the stage and kilt the club
headed to the afterparty
with our seats back and our speakers up
we don’t gangbang but the whole team’s
og’s when it come to oz’s
walk in so fresh, so green (Hey, Ma!)
we gon’ vibe like it’s One Night Only
wind up to Ginuwine - Pony
and some Al B. Sure
need a bit of Anita, MJ, TLC
Hey, Mr. DJ, play that Montel Jordan
we livin’ lives we can hardly afford
but everything’s gorgeous (nahtalmbout?)
Jaycee and Ya Boy Nick Swain
on that Midnight Train to Georgia

[Hook 2]
J: we ridin’ round on that real
that’s how we do it out in The Ville
it’s like gettin’ high is our mission
we still fly and we still lit

S: okay, ridin’ round on that real
windows down, we chill
run the town with my trill clique
we still fly and we still lit

[Verse 2]
I started this shit in the Ville of the Gaines, filled with the jane
never pills on my brain, but I feel like a train
moving like an engine, stop attempting to prevent him:
that's that real nigga Swain
I'm ill spitting flame, just juggling chainsaws
I'm covered in dank sauce, a brother you can't cross
too damn straight for a nigga to swerve
too damn baked for a nigga to care
we just too damn great niggas flipping them words
"yo how much for a verse?" 30 bucks and a blunt wrap
a nigga with dumb raps still over your head
it's real in The Ville, you should come here instead
baby 352, you gon see my roof
sitting on the West side, shout out East side too
Jaycee my dude, we en route
to a couple blonde moms cause they be live too
we rolling round, windows down
rolling round with them windows down
prolly saying bad things to your daughter,
she gon make me have to whip around
my hand out the window, my mouth got a dutchie
I'm mobbing in my skully, now the whole city love me!

[Hook 3]
ridin’ round on that real
windows down, we chill
run the town with my trill clique
we still fly and we still lit

ridin’ round on that Ville shit
don’t make me flip that killswitch
sittin’ high and I feel rich
we still fly and we still lit, nigga
Track Name: This Moment (prod. Majik Johnson)
this the second verse?
okay, you gon’ drag it over or what?

yo who’s got the trees?
feelin’ hella good man I--…
I need a birthday cake
someone bring the candles out
get this party started…

[Verse 1]
live fast, die young, it’s all about right now
my lifestyle done turned me into a night owl
had dreams about this, livin’ that life now
came up from a nobody to the whole party in my town
hit the top, no boost, got here on my own two
making it in this day and age means never saying IOU
college life was a cop out, took the dough, dropped out
started rappin’, made it happen, showed my ass, bossed out
took over in no time, now every moment is Showtime
why hate? want mine? nigga wake up, go grind
can’t reap what you don’t seek, can’t slip if you don’t sleep
Walk a mile in my shoes, Bound 2 end up with Cold feet
“I’m everywhere you never been,” I’ve mounted every everest
I’m forever in my element, only Hovi could best the kid
Yeezus? he my next of kin
it’s evident I was Heaven sent, every bar is a Testament
all it took was a Plan B and a heavy dose of that medicine
now I’m on

and you can’t tell me nothing
been doing fine on my own,
I don’t need nobody to butt in
all them days I was hoping
every night I was hopeless
all them hearts that were broken
it all lead to this moment
now I’m on
and you can’t tell me nothing
been doing fine on my own
I don’t need nobody to butt in
all them days I was hoping
and every night I was hopeless
put faith in Jah and I faced the odds
and it all lead to this moment, yeah

[Verse 2]
live fast, die young, it’s all about right now
put in overtime while most of y’all be lights out
started local, whole world in my sight now
life’s a bitch and it’s bout time she get piped down
whole state on lock from Dade County to Leon
won’t stop til “MaRx.” be on marquees and neons
billboards, sky high, crowd surfing on Cloud 9
all of y’all that block shine, I’m wrong one to be sleep on
I don’t see y’all
and y’all damn sure can’t see me
I ain’t puttin’ on for nobody but me, dawg
workaholic by day, by dusk, altered beast
rather be a lone wolf than
huddled around with a flock of sheep
had a dream, mapped it out, did it once, properly
and I strive to be at least twice the God that I can be
headway on these deadweights like no love’s the philosophy
and it’s paid off, awesomely, as far as i can see
I’m on


ay man, I mean…
I feel like that’s a wrap right there… with this…
I-- I don’t know... I think we good...
this concludes your journey with Jus MaRx.
thank you for riding along, and remember:

[LNEMtro plays in background]
(Pontiac Purp)
There’s always Room for MORE CREAM
remember that shit…
getting high…
just chilling…

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