Letters EP

by Murphy's Watch

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Letters is a collaborative EP featuring emcee Jus MaRx. and producer Cosby wat'up. The Letters EP serves as an instrumental tribute to late producer, Nujabes, with lyrics in the form of open letters. It's a provocative, brutally honest project revolving around Jus MaRx. coming to grips with his contradictory lifestyle choices, and reflecting on his past trysts with love.

The reception to the single Buggin' was so great that we had to do this, just as a thank you to everyone who has shown love. We truly appreciate you all taking the time to listen, and look forward to your continued support!


released August 28, 2014


all rights reserved



LNEM Florida

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Track Name: Dear U
[Verse 1]
I’ll drown myself in this brew, release these bottled emotions,
lately I’ve had some issues that’s been hard to cope with,
taking notice of my domestic life, corrosive,
a home divided, one is no longer the quotient,
as I’m climbing the ranks, I’m reminded of days
when I would do next to anything to acquire her taste,
something as small as a smile, it would brighten her face,
now I’m star-crossed: was it bad timing or fate?

take a hit and I hold it in
as the chills from these thoughts keep me cold within
just waiting on my lift to take me home again
take me home again, make me feel whole again
breathe deep and I hold it in
as the chills from these thoughts keep me cold within
just waiting on my life to take me home again
take me home again, make me feel whole again

[Verse 2]
reason I jotted this song
is I’ve been drinking and smoking, my mind wanders and roams
I know I got you stressin’, I never call home
it’s wrong, ‘cause I know it won’t be long ‘til you gone
but maybe our time apart is the reason that I don’t do love
had a bright future and grew up into a screw up
if you only know, you’d probably tear me a new one
Jaycee, the “what-not-to-do” for number two son


[Verse 3]
I owe a lot to the posse I ran with back in my Teke days
wouldn’t be right if I ain’t give my dawg E thanks
we’d kick rhymes ‘til the seams in our jeans frayed
bottomless kush bowls, passed dro like relay
we’d be up for weeks straight
I’m talking up to the point that our damn knees ached
2 Stupid Kids, just Dreamin’ of Wylin’
couple humble guys that happened to take pride in
demolishing expectations, we ain’t fit the description
chemistry was amazing, we both united as misfits
I always felt as if we was destined for riches
but our biggest affliction?
our addiction to fiction
time withers, hearts grow bitter, motives alter
it’s like reaching your limit the moment your engine falters
we’ll both be our respective monsters with it
so even though we’re worlds apart
this story’s far from finished
Track Name: Indo '64
oh yeah… Murphy’s Watch!
This here… is for all my…
post 80’s babies… 1990 ‘til infinity

[Verse 1]
“why do today what you could do tomorrow instead?”,
I ponder as I puff on my last Marlboro Red
and, with no shame, I take the longest of drags
back against the wall, saying hello to my past
now, I could change if I find the will
just another twentysomething with time to kill
but I’ll be up all night like Drizzy say
I’ll die young but I ain’t doing nothing anyway
by now, I figured I’d be living it up
instead, I make a living off delivering subs
I coulda been somebody, now I’m everything
to my bretheren, man, all I’m is getting is love
sometimes, you gotta lose some to win some
and where I’m headed means income then some
just need enough to pay a year of rent up--
front and a lifetime beer fund

because the good die young
that means our days are numbered
so we gots to stay up
‘cause we ain’t gettin’ younger
work hard, play hard
that’s why we never slumber
living every single moment like the end of summer

[Verse 2]
just another troubled offspring
let the world talk, I’ma keep doing my thing
middle finger high chanting “who gon’ stop me?!”
I would trade it all for my dawgs in the posse
I want the love, ain’t tripping about a name
the kinda camaraderie you can’t break
take a trip back to days as a gits back in Pre-K
and ain’t a damn thing changed
as a youth, I was glued to the stoop
now, that boy is something rude in the booth
no matter how many emcees I heat up, it’s never enough
to a family that scared to see me dead or in cuffs
that’s why emceeing keeps the mind at ease
in a society where it’s a crime to dream
and since my degree wasn’t wise to seek
it seems this rap stint means die or succeed


some days, I wanna just bathe in the rain
and then air out under the golden sun
some nights, I wanna just vibe, my ones’ tight,
so I just kick back and roll me one

sometimes I get a good feeling and
I’ve got a feeling that I’m not the only one
Track Name: 7uv(sic)
[Verse 1]
last time I seen ya, we was seniors
can’t believe we let some distance get between us
despite all the pain, if you found your way
into my heart again, on everything, I’d let you stay
it’s been a couple years, you got another man
I ain’t trippin’, I’m happy you found love again
I’ve had my bouts with cupid too, so girl, I understand
but I’ll never find a woman that’s as real as you
who’s been to Hell and back a few and and keeps it beautiful
and yeah, your little attitude is appealing too
I lied to myself, said I wouldn’t look back
memories of your presence are so difficult to look past
it’s getting harder for the kid to dream
troubled sleep with nightmares thinking of what could be
you was the first and the most deserving of my last
four whole years, gone in sixty seconds flat
it’s been a minute, so I get it, you don’t feel the same
but it would mean the world to me to hear you say
there was something real, tell me that the love was real
tell me that I shouldn’t feel ashamed
tell me there resides a flame inside your heart reserved for I
your name alone gets me high enough to traverse the sky
damnit why… why… how…

how’d I lose my grip?
how’d it come to this?
how’d I let you out my sight?
let you walk the line,
never once put up a fight?
I know you’re listening, so I chose to pick up the mic
‘cause I’ve got something weighing on my mind
that’s too much to hide

[Verse 2]
must be crazy knowing Buggy Baby love you still
guess the first cut’s the one time doesn’t heal
lonely days turned to colder nights
getting lifted, reminiscing ‘bout times when everything was chill
I’d be at ya crib Friday of each week
and we would watch Friday on repeat
Saturdays was for mattress play
and Bishop did Raheem in, closing out the weekend
‘til death, doll, my heart’s in your hand’s
it was more than puppy love, I was part of the fam
started romancing around the time ya pops had dipped
shit… sure enough that wasn’t part of the plan
I had just went through the same with my mama nem
so we related ‘cause we both had the drama thick
I thought i had a handful, but lord your mom’s a trip
full of laughs and ‘bout as honest as honest get
we had everything short of a dog and kids
seems like everyone but us was shocked we split
just short of a dog and kids
seems like everyone but us was shocked we split

we laid to waste some moments we can’t get back
but when I said “te quiero pa’ siempre”, I meant that
so if you don’t want no part of this,
at least take a shot to this…

who could love you like me? (nobody)
would could touch ya like me? (nobody)
Track Name: Buggin'
ayo… yo… check it...

[Verse 1]
I had a couple minor setbacks, now I’m making major moves,
bloody murder on these tracks, run it ‘til I stain my shoes,
not concerned with cashing checks, just tryna pay my dues,
I know my ass is set as long as music remains my muse, but,
day out and day in, I feel my patience is waning,
facing the strains of being locally famous
yet virtually faceless,
caught between swag rappers and backpackers
when fact of the matter is, they babblin’ like infants,
one in the same, all of your tunes are mundane,
I say enough with you suckas, man,
came in the game just to put food on your plate,
know you’ve been sufferin’ for sustenance,
truly amazed you givin’ the radio play,
most of it run by the government,
day after day, steady creating new slaves-- wait,
wait, wait, wait…

[Hook 1]
don’t know the deal?
man,you buggin’, buggin’
you came to kill?
man, you buggin’, buggin’
ain’t from the Ville?
man, you buggin’, buggin’

[Verse 2]
my life’s the page out the story of a teenage burnout (uh, uh),
who tried his best to time and time again get turned down,
that’s why I get turnt up by the time the evening come ‘round,
and pray to Jah whatever high I have don’t come down,
cuz I’ve been down for too long,
caught L’s,
and gave an honest effort just to put the effin’ crew on,
through the fire down to the wire,
‘til I wised up and realized something:
on my dolo, I’ll do no wrong,
now The Kreux gone…

[Verse 3]
these brothas think I’m slackin’ cuz I’m lackin’ a release date,
and yet, my rhymes would terrorize this here police state,
hard drives of archives with terabytes of beat tapes,
pour my heart out,
now watch as Jaycee paints a beautiful disaster,
I never sleep until my peace of mind is mastered,
paper heaps around the wastebin as these ashes--
trash the canvas,
craftin’ draft on top of draft until the task becomes a habit,
I’d rather be gettin’ plastered with the pros and act an ass
but, every second that I’m absent just adds to my entrapment,
and as I write this passage, opportunities are passin’,
you can knock me on my hustle but you can’t deny my passion
my passion, my passion…

[Hook 2]
I ain’t the truth?
man, you buggin’, buggin’
ain’t got the juice?
man, you buggin’, buggin’
I came to lose?
nah, you buggin’, buggin’

[Verse 4]
so it’s…
“F” the world until my dying day,
shining rate unmeasurable, we’re talking years of light away,
block me and I’m running thru ya, Ndamukong Suh ya,
then leave, powder my face,
reemerge as Violent J,
I daily dance with the devil, I reckon I”ll sign with Jay,
likely name my debut tape “Jayzus” in spite of Ye,
so if I die today, pray to be likened to John Lennon,
potential your simple mind couldn’t fathom,
you could only Imagine…

let’s hear ALLLLLLLL that...

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